62. Reward for the seeking Forgiveness during Al-Witr (Prayer)

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عنه، عن الحسن بن محبوب، عن حماد، عن عمر بن يزيد، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام، قال: من قال في آخر الوتر: " أستغفر الله ربي وأتوب إليه " سبعين مرة ودام على ذلك سنة كتب من المستغفرين بالاسحار.

1. From him, from Al Hassan Bin Mahboub, from Hamaad, from Umar Bin Yazeed, (It has been narrated) from Abu Adullah (a.s.) having said: ‘The one who says at the end of Al-Witr (Prayer), ‘I seek Forgiveness of Allah (azwj) and repent to Him (azwj)’ seventy times, and persists upon that for a year, would be written as being from the Forgiven ones by the morning’.