116. Reward for the one who leaves behind a caretaker with regards to his family

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عنه، عن عمرو بن عثمان، عن علي بن عبد الله، عن خالد القلانسى، عن أبي - عبد الله عليه السلام، قال: قال علي بن الحسين عليهما السلام: من خلف حاجا في أهله و ما له كان له كأجره حتى كأنه يستلم الاحجار.

1. From him, from Amro Bin Usmaan, from Ali Bin Abdullah, from Khalid Al Qalanasy, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (a.s.) having said : ‘Ali (a.s.) Bin Al-Husayn (a.s.) said: ‘The one who leaves behind someone to look after his family (when he himself goes for Hajj), whatever (Reward) is for him would be for that person, to the extent as if he had touched (with reverence) the stones (the Black Stone)’.