321. The reason due to which Ja’far Bin Abu Talib (as) never drank wine at all, and never lied, and never committed adultery, and never worshipped idols

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أبي رحمه الله قال: حدثنا محمد بن يحيى العطار قال: حدثنا محمد بن أحمد عن موسى بن عمر عن محمد بن سنان عن عمار الساباطي قال: قال أبو عبد الله (ع) يا عمار ان كنت تحب أن تستتب لك النعمة وتكمل لك المودة وتصلح لك المعيشة فلا تستشر العبد والسفلة في أمرك فانك ان ائتمنتهم خانوك وان حدثوك كذبوك وان نكبت خذلوك وان وعدوك موعدا لم يصدقوك.

1. My father said, ‘Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ataar narrated to us, from Muhammad Bin Ahmad, from Musa Bin Umar, from Muhammad Bin Sinan, from Amaar Al Sabatany who said, ‘Abu Abdullah (asws) said: ‘O Aamir! If you would like that the Bounties flow in a goodly manner for you, and the cordiality is completed for you, and the livelihood is corrected for you, so do not consult the slaves and the lowly in your affairs, for if you were to entrust them, they would betray you, and if they were to narrate to you, they would lie to you, and if you were to be afflicted, they would abandon you, and if they were to promise you, they would not ratify it’.

وبهذا الاسناد عن محمد بن أحمد عن محمد بن الحسين عن ابن محبوب عن معاوية بن وهب عن أبي عبد الله (ع) قال: سمعته يقول كان أبي (ع) يقول قم بالحق ولا تعرض لما فاتك واعتزل ما لا يعنيك ولا تجنب عدوك واحذر صديقك من الاقوام الآمنين، والامين من خشى الله ولا تصحب الفاجر، ولا تطلعه على سرك ولا تأتمنه على امانتك واستشر في امورك الذين يخشون ربهم.

2. And by the chain from Muhammad Bin Ahmad, from Muhammad Bin Al Husayn, from Ibn Mahboub, from Muawiya Bin Wahab, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws), said, ‘I heard him (asws) saying: ‘My (asws) father (asws) was saying: ‘Stand by the truth, and do not bring up (matters) which are lost for you, and detach from what does not concern you, and do not avoid your enemy, and be cautious of your friends from the secure people, and the trustworthy is the one who fears Allah (azwj), and do not keep company with the immoral, and do not notify him of your secret, and do not trust him upon your entrustment, and consult in your affairs the ones who fear their Lord (azwj)’.