318. The reason due to which the backbiting came to be more grievous than the adultery

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أبي رحمه الله قال: حدثنا عبد الله بن جعفر الحميري عن هارون بن مسلم عن مسعدة بن صدقة الربعي عن جعفر بن محمد عن أبيه عليه السلام قال: قيل له ما بال المؤمن أحد شئ، قال: لان عز القرآن في قلبه ومحض الايمان عن صدره وهو لعبد مطيع الله ولرسوله مصدق، قيل: فما بال المؤمن قد يكون اشح شئ؟ قال: لانه يكسب الرزق من حله ومطلب الحلال عزيز فلا يجب أن يفارقه شيئه لما يعلم من عسر مطلبه وان هو سخت نفسه لم يضعه إلا في موضعه، قيل له: فما بال المؤمن قد يكون انكح شئ؟ قال: لحفظه فرجه عن فروج ما لا يحل له، ولكن لا تميل به شهوته هكذا ولا هكذا فإذا ظفر بالحلال اكتفى به واستغني به عن غيره. قال عليه السلام: ان قوة المؤمن في قلبه ألا ترون انه قد تجدونه ضعيف البدن نحيف الجسم وهو يقوم الليل ويصوم النهار وقال: المؤمن أشد في دينه من الجبال الرأسية، وذلك ان الجبل قد ينحت منه، والمؤمن لا يقدر أحد على ان ينحت من دينه شيئا وذلك لضنه بدينه وشحه عليه.

1. My father said, ‘Abdullah Bin Ja’far Al Humeyri narrated to us, from Haroun Bin Muslim, from Mas’ada Bin sadaqa Al Rabie, (It has been narrated) from Ja’far Bin Muhammad (a.s.), from his (a.s.) father (a.s.), said, ‘It was said to him (a.s.), ‘What is the matter the Believer tends to be most intense in something?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘Because the honour of the Quran is in his heart, and the sincerity of the faith on his chest, and he is a servant obedient to Allah (azwj) and to His (azwj) Rasool (saww), certified’. It was said, ‘So what is the matter the Believer tends to be most miserly in something?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘Because he attain the livelihood from its Permissible means, and seeking of the Permissible livelihood is dear to him, so he does not want anything to separate it from him when he knows the difficulty of seeking it, and he is harsh upon himself not to place it except in its (rightful) place’. It was said to him (a.s.), ‘So what is the matter the Believer happens to be most copulating sometimes?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘In order to preserve his private parts from what is not Permissible for him. But, he is not inclined to list like this, nor like this. So when he succeeds with the Permissible, he suffices with it and becomes needless by it, from other’. He (a.s.) said: ‘The strength of the Believer is in his heart. You will find him to be weak of the body and slim, and he would be standing at night (for the Prayer), and he would be Fasting during the day’. And he (a.s.) said: ‘The Believer is tougher in his Religion than the mountain peak, and that the mountain, something can be carved out from it, and (whilst) the Believer, no one has the ability that he can carve anything out from his Religion, and that is because he is reluctant to concede with (give up) his Religion, and is (thus) miserly over it’.