255. The reason due to which the waiting period of the divorced woman came to be of three months or three menstruations; and the waiting period of the one widowed from her husband (came to be of) four months and ten days

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أخبرني علي بن حاتم قال أخبرنا القاسم بن محمد عن حمدان بن الحسين عن الحسين بن الوليد عن مروان بن دينار عن أبي الحسن موسى بن جعفر (ع) قال: قلت لاي علة لا تحل الملاعنة لزوجها الذي لا عنها ابدا، قال: لتصديق الايمان لقولهما بالله.

1. Ali Bin Hatim informed me, from Al Qasim Bin Muhammad, from Hamdan Bin Al Husayn, from Al Husayn Bin Al Waleed, from Marwan Bin Dinaar, (It has been narrated) from Abu Al-Hassan Musa (a.s.) Bin Ja’far (a.s.), said, ‘I said, ‘For which reason is the cursed woman not Permissible for her husband who cursed her, forever?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘Due to the ratification of both their words for the swearing by Allah ’.