117. The reason due to which it is renewed for the Progeny (asws) of Muhammad (saww), in every Eid, a renewed grief

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أبي رحمه الله قال: حدثنا سعد بن عبد الله عن احمد بن محمد بن عيسى عن علي بن الحسن، عن عمرو بن عثمان عن حنان بن سدير عن عبد الله بن دينار عن أبي جعفر (ع) قال: يا عبد الله مامن عيد للمسلمين أضحى ولا فطر إلا وهو يتجدد فيه لآل محمد حزن، قلت فلم؟ قال: لانهم يرون حقهم في يد غيرهم.

1. My father said, ‘Sa’ad Bin Abdullah narrated to us, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Isa, from Ali Bin Al Hassan, from Amro Bin Usman, from Hanan Bin Sudeyr, from Abdullah Bin Dinar, Abu Ja’far (a.s.) has said: ‘O Abdullah! There is none from the Eids of the Muslims, neither Azha nor Fitr, except that the grief of the Progeny (a.s.) of Muhammad (saww) is renewed in it’. I said, ‘So why?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘Because they (a.s.) are seeing their (a.s.) rights being in the hands of the others’.