73. The reason due to which the human being is aggrieved and is sorrowful without a reason, and is happy and joyful without a reason

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حدثنا أبى رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا محمد بن يحيى العطار، قال حدثنا محمد بن احمد بن يحيى قال: حدثنا الحسن بن علي، عن ابن عباس عن أسباط، عن أبى عبد الرحمان قال: قلت لابي عبد الله عليه السلام: انى ربما حزنت فلا أعرف في أهل ولا مال ولا ولد وربما فرحت فلا أعرف في أهل ولامال ولا ولد، فقال: انه ليس من أحد إلا ومعه ملك وشيطان، فإذا كان فرحه كان من دنو الملك منه، فإذا كان حزنه كان من دنو الشيطان منه وذلك قول الله تبارك وتعالى: (الشيطان يعدكم الفقر ويأمركم بالفحشاء والله يعدكم مغفرة منه وفضلا والله واسع عليم).

1. My father narrated to us, from Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ataar, from Muhammad Bin Ahmad Bin Yahya, from Al Hassan Bin Ali, from Ibn Abbas, from Asbaat, from Abu Abdullah Al Rahman who said, ‘I said to Abu Abdullah (a.s.), ‘Sometimes I get aggrieved and I neither recognise (it to be due to) the family, nor the wealth, not children; and sometimes I am happy, but I neither recognise (it to be due to) the family, not wealth, nor children’. So he (a.s.) said: ‘There is no one except that with him is an Angel and a devil. So when he is happy, then than Angel is near to him, and if he is aggrieved, then that devil is near to him. And these are the Words of Allah (azwj) Blessed and High [2:268] The Satan promises you the poverty and enjoins you to be immoral, and Allah Promises you Forgiveness from Himself and Grace; and Allah is Capacious, Knowing’.

حدثنا أبى رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا محمد بن يحيى العطار قال: حدثنا جعفر بن محمد بن مالك قال: حدثنا أحمد بن مدين من ولد مالك بن الحارث الاشتر، عن محمد بن عمار، عن أبيه، عن أبى بصير، قال: دخلت على أبي عبد الله عليه السلام ومعي رجل من أصحابنا، فقلت له جعلت فداك يابن رسول الله انى لاغتم واحزن من غير ان أعرف لذلك سببا؟ فقال أبو عبد الله " ع ": ان ذلك الحزن والفرح يصل اليكم منا لانا إذا دخل علينا حزن أو سرور كان ذلك داخلا عليكم لانا وإياكم من نور الله عزوجل فجعلنا وطينتنا وطينتكم واحدة ولو تركت طينتكم كما أخذت لكنا وأنتم سواء، ولكن مزجت طينتكم بطينة أعدائكم، فلولا ذلك ما أذنبتم ذنبا أبدا، قال: قلت جعلت فداك أفتعود طينتنا ونورنا كما بدا؟ فقال: إى والله يا عبد الله، اخبرني عن هذا الشعاع الزاهر من القرص إذا طلع أهو متصل به أو باين منه؟ فقلت له جعلت فداك: بل هو باين منه فقال: أفليس إذا غابت الشمس وسقط القرص عاد إليه فاتصل به كما بدا منه؟ فقلت له: نعم، فقال كذلك والله شيعتنا من نور الله خلقوا واليه يعودون، والله انكم لملحقون بنا يوم القيامة وإنا لنشفع فنشفع، ووالله انكم لتشفعون فتشفعون، وما من رجل منكم إلا وسترفع له نار عن شماله وجنة عن يمينه، فيدخل أحباؤه الجنة وأعداؤه النار.

2. My father narrated to us, from Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ataar, from Ja’far Bin Muhammad Bin Maalik, from Ahmad Bin Madayn from the children of Malik Bin Al Haris Al Ashtar, from Muhammad Bin Amaar, from his father, from Abu Baseer who said, ‘I came over to Abu Abdullah (a.s.) and with me was a man from our companions. So I said to him (a.s.), ‘May I be sacrificed for you (a.s.), O son (a.s.) of Rasool-Allah (saww)! I get aggrieved and sorrowful without realising the reason for that?’ Abu Abdullah (a.s.) said: ‘That grief and the happiness arrive to you from us (a.s.), because, we (a.s.), when there enters grief or joy unto us, that would enter upon you (as well), because we (a.s.) and you all (Shiah) are from the Light of Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic, and He (azwj) Made our (a.s.) clay and your clay as one, and had your clay been left alone just as it had been Taken, us (a.s.) and you all would have been the same, but, your clay was mixed up with the clay of your enemies. Had it not been for that, you would not have committed a sin, ever. He (the narrator) said, ‘I said, ‘May I be sacrificed for you (a.s.)! Will our clay and our Light return to what it was at the beginning?’ So he (a.s.) said: ‘By Allah (azwj), (It will) O Abu Abdullah! Inform me about these rays which are apparent from the disc (sun) when it emerges, are these connected to it or distant from it?’ So I said to him (a.s.), ‘May I be sacrificed for you (a.s.)! But, these are distant from it’. So he (a.s.) said: ‘Is it not the case when the sun disappears (sets) and the disc goes down, return to it and are linked to just they were at the beginning, from it?’ So I said to him (a.s.), ‘Yes’. So he (a.s.) said: ‘It is like that, by Allah (azwj)! Our (a.s.) Shiah are from the Light of Allah (azwj), Created and to Him (azwj) they would be returning. By Allah (azwj)! You all would be meeting with us (a.s.) on the Day of Judgement, and we (a.s.) would be interceding, and you all would be interceded for; and by Allah (azwj)! You all would be (sought for) to be interceding for, so you would be interceding. And there is none from a man among you except that the Fire would be Raised upon his left and the Paradise upon his right, so he would be entering his beloved ones into the Paradise, and his enemies into the Fire’.