71. The reason due to which the people came to be intellectuals and are not knowing

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حدثنا أبى رضى عنه قال: حدثنا محمد بن يحيى العطار، عن يعقوب بن يزيد، عن أحمد بن أبى محمد بن أبى نصر، عن ثعلبة بن ميمون عن معمر بن يحيى، قال: قلت لابي جعفر عليه السلام: ما بال الناس يعقلون ولا يعلمون قال: ان الله تبارك وتعالى حين خلق آدم جعل أجله بين عينيه وامله خلف ظهره، فلما أصاب الخطيئة حصل أمله بين عينيه وأجله خلف ظهره فمن ثم يعقلون ولا يعلمون.

1. My father narrated to me, from Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ataar, from Yaqoub Bin Yazeed, from Ahmad Bin Abu Muhammad Bin Abu Nasr, from Sa’albat Bin Maymoun, from Moamar Bin Yahya who said, ‘I said to Abu Ja’far (a.s.), ‘What is the matter that the people are intellectuals, and they are not knowing?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘Allah (azwj) Blessed and High, when He (azwj) Created Adam (as), Made his (as) term to be in front of his (as) eyes, and his hopes to be behind his (as) back. So when he (as) commits an error, his hopes are placed in front of his eyes, and his (as) term to be behind his back. Thus, from then on, they are keeping intellect, but are not knowing’.