52. The reason due to which Musa (as) coveted the death, and the reason due to which his (as) grave is not recognised (unknown)

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حدثنا أبى رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا علي بن إبراهيم بن هاشم، عن أبيه، عن محمد بن أبى عمير، عن هشام بن الحكم، عن أبي عبد الله " ع " قال: ان ملك الموت أتى موسى بن عمران " ع " فسلم عليه، فقال: من أنت؟ فقال: انا ملك الموت، فقال ما حاجتك؟ فقال له: جئت أقبض روحك، فقال له موسى: من أين تقبض روحي؟ قال من فمك فقال له موسى: كيف وقد كلمت ربى عز وجل، فقال من يديك، فقال له موسى: كيف وقد حملت بهما التوراة، فقال: من رجليك، فقال: وكيف وقد وطئت بهما طور سيناء؟ قال: وعد أشياء غير هذا، قال: فقال له ملك الموت فإنى امرت ان اتركك حتى تكون أنت الذي تريد ذلك، فمكث موسى " ع " ما شاء الله ثم مر برجل وهو يحفر قبرا فقال له موسى: ألا أعينك على حفر هذا القبر فقال له الرجل: بلى، قال فاعانة حتى حفر القبر ولحد اللحد فاراد الرجل ان يضطجع في اللحد لينظر كيف هو؟ فقال له موسى: انا اضطجع فيه، فاضطجع موسى فرأى مكانه من الجنة، أو قال: منزله من الجنة، فقال: يا رب أقبضني اليك فقبض ملك الموت روحه ودفنه في القبر وسوى عليه التراب. قال: وكان الذي يحفر القبر ملك الموت في صورة آدمى، فلذلك لا يعرف قبر موسى عليه السلام.

1. My father narrated to us, from Ali Bin Ibrahim Bin Hashim, from his father, from Muhammad Bin Abu Umeyr, from Hisham Bin Al Hakam, Abu Abdullah (a.s.) has said: ‘The Angel of death came to Musa (as) Bin Imran (as). So he (as) greeted him and said: ‘Who are you?’ He said: ‘I am the Angel of Death’. So he (as) said: ‘What is your need?’ So he said to him (as): ‘I have come to capture your (as) soul’. So Musa (as) said to him: ‘From where will you be capturing my (as) soul?’ He said: ‘From your (as) mouth’. So Musa (as) said to him: ‘How can you, and I (as) have spoken by it to my (as) Lord (azwj) Mighty and Majestic’. So he said: ‘From your (as) hands’. So Musa (as) said to him: ‘How can you, and I (as) have carried the Torah by these two’. So he said: ‘From your (as) feet’. So he (as) said: ‘And how can you, and I (as) have stepped by these upon the (Mount) Toor of Sinai’. The Imam (a.s.) said: ‘And he repeated (for) the things other than these’. The Imam (a.s.) said: ‘So the Angel of Death said to him (as): ‘I have thus been Commanded that I should leave you (as) until (such time as) you (as) yourself become the one who wants that (death)’. So Musa (as) remained for as long as Allah (azwj) so Desired. Then (one day) he (as) passed by a man and he was digging a grave. So Musa (as) said to him: ‘Shall I (as) assist you on (digging) the put of this grave?’ So the man said to him (as), ‘Yes’. The Imam (a.s.) said: ‘So he (as) assisted until the pit of the grave, and the grave was dug out. So the man intended that he should lied down in the grave to see how it is?’ So Musa (as) said to him: ‘I (as) shall lie down in it’. So Musa (as) lied down, and he (as) saw his (as) place in the Paradise’ – or he (a.s.) said: ‘his (as) house in the Paradise’. So he (as) said: ‘O Lord (azwj)! Capture me (as) to You (azwj)!’ So the Angel of Death captured his (as) soul, and he (as) was buried in that very grave, and the dust was levelled upon him (as). He (a.s.) said: ‘And the one who dug out the grave was the Angel of Death in the image of a human, therefore it is due to that, no one recognises (knows of the whereabouts) of the grave of Musa (as)’.