21. The reason due to which the town of Noah was named as the town of the ‘eighty’

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حدثنا أحمد بن زياد بن جعفر الهمداني رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا علي ابن ابراهيم ابن هاشم، عن أبيه، عن عبد السلام بن صالح الهروي قال: قال الرضا عليه السلام: لما هبط نوح " ع " إلى الارض كان هو وولده ومن تبعه ثمانين نفسا فبنى حيث نزل قرية فسماها قرية الثمانين، لانهم كانوا ثمانين.

1. Ahmad Bin Ziyad Bin Ja’far Al Hamdany narrated, from Ali Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Hashim, from his father, from Abdul Salam Bin Salih Al Harwy who said, ‘(Imam) Al-Ridha (a.s.) said: ‘When Noah (as) descended to the ground (from the ship), he (as), and his (as) children, and those ones who followed him (as) were eighty persons. So they built a town, where they disembarked, and called it ‘Town of the Eighty’, because they were eighty of them’.