196. The reason due to which (the people of) Azd tend to be the people with the freshest of the mouths

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أبى رحمه الله قال: حدثنا محمد بن يحيى العطار عن محمد بن احمد، عن محمد بن حسان الرازي، عن محمد بن يزيد الرازي، عن ابى البختري عن أبى عبد الله " ع " قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله لما دخل الناس في الدين أفواجا اتتهم الازد أرقها قلوبا واعذبها أفواها، قيل يارسول الله هذه أرقها قلوبا عرفناه فلم صارت أعذبها أفواها؟ قال: لانها كانت تستاك في الجاهلية قال: وقال جعفر " ع " لكل شئ طهور وطهور الفم السواك

1. My father said, ‘Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ataar narrated to us, from Muhammad Bin Ahmad, from Muhammad Bin Hasaan Al Razy, from Muhammad Bin Yazeed Al Razy, from Abu Al Bakhtary, Abu Abdullah (a.s.) has said: ‘Rasool-Allah (saww) said: ‘When the people entered into the Religion in droves, the (people of) Azd came over, who were softer of hearts and fresher of mouths. It was said, ‘O Rasool-Allah (saww)! These ones are softer of hearts, we understand it, so why did they become fresher of the mouths?’ He (saww) said: ‘because they used to brush their teeth during the Pre-Islamic period’. And Ja’far (a.s.) said: ‘For everything is a purifier, and the purifier of the mouth is the brushing of the teeth’.