142. The reason due to which Al-Hassan (asws) Bin Ali (asws) reconciled with Muawiya Bin Abu Sufyan and did not fight against him

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ابى رحمه الله قال: حدثنا سعد بن عبد الله، عن احمد بن أبى عبد الله عن ابن فضال عن ثعلبة عن عمر بن أبى نصر عن سدير قال: قال أبو جعفر " ع " ومعنا ابني، يا سدير اذكر لنا أمرك الذي أنت عليه فان كان فيه اغراق كففناك عنه وان كان مقصرا ارشدناك قال فذهبت ان اتكلم فقال أبو جعفر " ع " امسك حتى اكفيك ان العلم الذي وضع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله عند علي " ع " من عرفه كان مؤمنا ومن جحده كان كافرا، ثم كان من بعده الحسن " ع " قلت: كيف يكون بذلك المنزلة وقد كان منه ماكان دفعها إلى معاوية؟ فقال: اسكت فانه أعلم بما صنع لولا ما صنع لكان أمر عظيم.

1. My father said, ‘Sa’ad Bin Abdullah, from Ahmad Bin Abu Abdullah, from Ibn Fazaal, from Sa’alba, from Umar Bin Abu Nasr, from Sudeyr who said, ‘Abu Ja’far (a.s.) said, and with us was my son: ‘O Sudeyr! Mention to us (a.s.) your matter (belief) which you are upon. So if there is drowning in it, I (a.s.) will restrain you, and if you were deficient, I (a.s.) will Guide you’. He said, ‘I went on to speak, so Abu Ja’far (a.s.) said: ‘Hold on, until I (a.s.) suffice you with the Knowledge which Rasool-Allah (saww) placed in the presence of Ali (a.s.). The one who recognised it would be a Believer, and one who fights against it would be a disbeliever. Then after him (a.s.) was Al-Hassan (a.s.)’. I said, ‘How can there be a status due to that, and what had been from him (a.s.) whatever it was, he (a.s.) handed it over to Muawiya?’ So he (a.s.) said: ‘Silence! He (a.s.) knew full well with what he (a.s.) was doing, and had he (a.s.) not done that, it would have been a grievous matter (situation)’.

حدثنا علي بن احمد بن محمد رحمه الله قال: حدثنا محمد بن موسى بن داود الدقاق قال حدثنا الحسن بن احمد بن الليث قال: حدثنا محمد بن حميد قال حدثنا يحيى بن ابى بكير قال: حدثنا أبو العلا الخفاف، عن ابى سعيد عقيصا قال قلت للحسن بن علي بن ابى طالب يابن رسول الله لم داهنت معاوية وصالحته وقد علمت ان الحق لك دونه وان معاوية ضال باغ؟ فقال: يا أبا سعيد ألست حجة الله تعالى ذكره على خلقه وإماما عليهم ابى " ع "؟ قلت بلى قال: ألست الذي قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله لي ولاخى الحسن والحسين إمامان قاما أو قعدا؟ قلت بلى قال فانا إذن إمام لو قمت وأنا إمام إذ لو قعدت، يا أبا سعيد علة مصالحتي لمعاوية علة مصالحة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله لبني ضمرة وبني اشجع ولاهل مكة حين انصرف من الحديبية أولئك كفار بالتنزيل ومعاوية وأصحابه كفار بالتأويل، يا أبا سعيد إذا كنت إماما من قبل الله تعالى ذكره لم يجب ان يسفه رأيى فيما أتيته من مهادنة أو محاربة وان كان وجه الحكمة فيما أتيته ملتبسا ألا ترى الخضر " ع " لما خرق السفينة وقتل الغلام وأقام الجدار سخط موسى " ع " فعله لاشتباه وجه الحكمة عليه حتى أخبره فرضى هكذا أنا، سخطتم علي بجهلكم بوجه الحكمة فيه ولولا ما أتيت لما ترك من شيعتنا على وجه الارض أحد إلا قتل.

2. Ali Bin Ahmad Bin Muhammad narrated to us, from Muhammad Bin Musa Bin Dawood Al Daqaq, from Al Hassan Bin Ahmad Bin Al Lays, from Muhammad Bin Hameed, from Yahya Bin Abu Bakeyr, from Abu Al A’ala Al Khafaf, from Abu Ssaeed Aqeysa who said, ‘I said to Al-Hassan (a.s.) Bin Ali (a.s.) Bin Abu Talib (a.s.), ‘O son (a.s.) of Rasool-Allah (saww)! Why did you (a.s.) discuss with Muawiya and reconciled with him, and you (a.s.) had know that the right (of the Caliphate) is for you (a.s.), beside him, and that Muawiya was erroneous and a rebel?’ So he (a.s.) said: ‘O Abu Saeed! Was my (a.s.) father (a.s.) not a Proof of Allah (azwj), Elevated is His (azwj) Mention, over His (azwj) Creatures, and an Imam (a.s.) over them?’ I said, ‘Yes’. He (a.s.) said: ‘Am I (a.s.) not the one for whom Rasool-Allah (saww) to me (a.s.) and to my (a.s.) brother (a.s.): ‘Al-Hassan (a.s.) and Al-Husayn (a.s.) are two Imams (a.s.), be they arisen or seated?’ I said, ‘Yes’. He (a.s.) said: ‘So then, I (a.s.) am an Imam (a.s.), whether I (a.s.) arise (by the sword) and I (a.s.) am an Imam (a.s.), if I (a.s.) were to be seated (and not raise the sword). O Abu Saeed! The reason for my (a.s.) reconciliation with Muawiya was the (same) reason for the reconciliation of Rasool-Allah (saww) with the Clan of Zamra and the Clan of Ashja’a, and the people of Makkah, when he (saww) turned back from Al-Hudaybiyya. Those (people) were disbeliever in the Revelation, and Muawiya and his companions are disbelievers in the explanation (of it). O Abu Saeed! Since I (a.s.) am an Imam (a.s.) from Allah (azwj), Elevated is His (azwj) Mention, then there is no foolishness involved whether I (a.s.) approach it with a truce or war, and it was with the aspect of wisdom in what I (a.s.) approached it with, (which appeared to be) confusing (to you). Have you not see Al-Khizr (as) when he (as) made a hole in the ship, and killed the boy, and straightened the wall, Musa (as) was angered, for the aspect of wisdom appeared confusing to him (as) until he (Al-Khizr (as)) informed him (as), so he (Musa (as)) was pleased with it. This is how I (a.s.) am. They are angry with me (a.s.) due to their ignorance of the aspect of the wisdom in it, and had I (a.s.) not approached it the way I (a.s.) did, not one of our (a.s.) Shias would have been left on the face of the earth, except that he would have been killed.