110. The reason due to which Amir Al-Momineen (asws) fought the people of Al-Basra but left their wealth alone

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حدثنا محمد بن الحسن رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا محمد بن الحسن الصفار عن احمد بن محمد بن عيسى، عن علي بن الحكم، عن الربيع بن محمد، عن عبد الله ابن سليمان قال: قلت لابي عبد الله ان الناس يروون ان عليا " ع " قتل أهل البصرة وترك أموالهم، فقال: ان دار الشرك يحل ما فيها، ودار الاسلام لا يحل ما فيها فقال: ان عليا " ع " إنما من عليهم كما من رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله على أهل مكة وإنما ترك علي " ع " أموالهم لانه كان يعلم انه سيكون له شيعة وان دولة الباطل ستظهر عليهم فاراد ان يقتدى به في شيعته وقد رأيتم آثار ذلك هو ذا يسار في الناس بسيرة علي عليه السلام ولو قتل علي " ع " أهل البصرة جميعا واخذ اموالهم لكان ذلك له حلالا لكنه من عليهم ليمن على شيعته من بعده.

1. Muhammad Bin Al Hassan narrated to us, from Muhammad Bin Al Hassan Al Saffar, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Isa, from Ali Bin Al Hakam, from Rabie Bin Muhammad, from Abdullah Ibn Suleyman who said, ‘I said to Abu Abdullah, ‘The people are reporting that Ali (a.s.) fought the people of Al-Basra but left alone their wealth’. So he (a.s.) said: ‘In the house of the Polytheism (Mushriqeen), whatever is therein, is Permissible, and the house of Al-Islam, whatever is therein, is not Permissible’. He (a.s.) said: ‘But rather, Ali (a.s.) did a favour upon them, just as Rasool-Allah (saww) had done upon the people of Makkah. So, Ali (a.s.) left alone their wealth because he (a.s.) knew that there would be Shiah for him (a.s.) (in the future) and that the government of the Falsehood would be overcoming them. Therefore, he (a.s.) intended that this (policy) should be followed with regards to his (a.s.) Shiah. And you have seen the effects of that that this policy of Ali (a.s.) flowed among the people. And, had Ali (a.s.) killed the people of Al-Basra altogether, and seized their wealth, and that was Permissible unto him (a.s.), but he (a.s.) favoured upon them, so that his (a.s.) Shiah would be favoured upon from (the rulers to come) after him (a.s.)’.

وقد روي ان الناس اجتمعوا إلى أمير المؤمنين يوم البصرة فقالوا: يا أمير المؤمنين أقسم بيننا غنايمهم؟ قال: أيكم يأخذ أم المؤمنين في سهمه؟.

2. And it has been reported that the people gathered to Amir Al Momineen (a.s.) on the day of Al Basra, so they said, (The narrator says it was asked, ‘O Amir Al-Momineen (a.s.)! Would you (a.s.) be dividing their wealth as war booty in between us?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘Which ones of you would take ‘The mother of the Believers’ (Ayesha) in his share?’