108. The reason due to which the people neglected Ali (asws) and turned away from him (asws) to someone else, despite of their recognition of his (asws) merits

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حدثنا أبو احمد الحسن بن عبد الله بن سعيد بن الحسن بن اسماعيل ابن حكيم العسكري قال: اخبرنا أبو إسحاق إبراهيم رعل العبشمي قال حدثنا ثبيت ابن محمد قال: حدثني أبو الاحوص عمن حدثه، عن آبائه، عن ابى محمد الحسن بن علي " ع " قال: بينما أمير المؤمنين " ع " في أصعب موقف بصفين إذ أقبل عليه رجل من بني دودان، فقال له لم دفعكم قومكم عن هذا الامر وكنتم أفضل الناس علما بالكتاب والسنة؟ فقال: يا أخا بني دودان ولك حق المسألة وذمام الصهر فإنك قلق الوضين، ترسل في غير سدد، كانت إمرة شحت عليها نفوس قوم، وسخت عنها نفوس آخرين، ولنعم الحكم الله، والزعيم محمد صلى الله عليه وآله.

1. Abu Ahmad Al Hassan Bin Abdullah Bin Saeed Bin Al Hassan Bin Ismail Ibn Hakeem Al Askary, from Abu Is’haq Ibrahim Ra’al Ak Abshamy, from Sabeyt Ibn Muhammad, from Abu Al Ahows, from the one who narrated it, from his forefathers, (It has been narrated) from Abu Muhammad Al-Hassan (a.s.) Bin Ali (a.s.) having said: ‘While Amir Al-Momineen (a.s.) was in the middle of a difficult phase of (the battle of) Siffeen, a man from the Clan of Dowdaan came over, so he said to him (a.s.), ‘Why are the people driving you away from this command, and you are the best of the people in knowledge of the Book (the Quran) and the Sunnah?’ So he (a.s.) said: ‘O brother of the Clan of Dowdaan! And for you is the right to question, and the brother-in-law (of the Prophet (saww)) reins. So the worries are two – you have been sent in a time period in which the hearts have been dried up, and another group’s hearts have hardened. And the best of the Judges is Allah (azwj), and the leader Muhammad (saww). (ودع عنك نهيا صيح في حجراته) وهلم الخطب في ابن ابى سفيان. - فقد أضحكني الدهر بعد ابكائه -. ولاغر وإلا جارتي وسؤالها * ألا هل لنا أهل سألت كذلك بئس القوم من خفضني، وحاولوا الادهان في دين الله، فإن ترفع عنا محن البلوى أحملهم من الحق على محضه، وان تكن الاخرى فلا تأس على القوم الفاسقين اليك عني يا أخا بني دودان. And leave around you, the sins in its lap, and the speeches of the son of Abu Sufyan. So the time would laugh along with me (a.s.) after its weeping. And there is no deserving for me (a.s.), or a neighbour that I (a.s.) can ask him what you have asked. Such is the case that evil are the people who have cut-off from me (a.s.), and sweetness was attempted in the Religion of Allah (azwj). So if the afflictions are Raised from us, I (a.s.) would carry them purely upon the truth. And if it happens to be otherwise, so there should not be despair upon the mischievous people, from you to me (a.s.), O brother of the Clan of Dowdan’.

حدثنا محمد بن إبراهيم بن اسحاق الطالقاني رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا احمد بن محمد بن سعيد الكوفي قال: حدثنا علي بن الحسن بن علي بن فضال عن أبيه عن ابى الحسن " ع " قال: سألته عن امير المؤمنين " ع " كيف مال الناس عنه إلى غيره وقد عرفوا فضله وسابقته ومكانه من رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله فقال: إنما مالوا عنه إلى غيره لانه كان قد قتل آبائهم واجدادهم واعمامهم واخوالهم وأقربائهم المحاربين لله ولرسوله عددا كثيرا، فكان حقدهم عليه لذلك في قلوبهم فلم يحبوا أن يتولى عليهم، ولم يكن في قلوبهم على غيره مثل ذلك، لانه لم يكن له في الجهاد بين يدي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله مثل ما كان له فلذلك عدلوا عنه ومالوا إلى غيره

2. Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Is’haq Al Talaqany narrated to us, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Saeed Al Kufy, from Ali Bin Al Hassan Bin Ali Bin Fazaal, from his father, (The narrator says) ‘I asked Abu Al Hassan (a.s.) about Amir Al-Momineen (a.s.), how did the people come to be inclined away from him (a.s.) towards someone else, and they had know his (a.s.) merits, and his (a.s.) precedent, and his (a.s.) status from Rasool-Allah (saww)?’ So he (a.s.) said: ‘But rather, they inclined away from him (a.s.) to others because he (a.s.) had killed their fathers, and their grandfathers, and their paternal uncles, and their maternal uncles, and their relatives, in battles for the Sake of Allah (azwj) and for His (azwj) Rasool (saww), in huge numbers. Thus, it was due to their grudge in their hearts with regards to that. So they did not like it that he (a.s.) should rule over them, and there did not happen in their hearts for someone else, similar to that. This is because no one did Jihaad in front of Rasool-Allah (saww) similar to what he (a.s.) did. Therefore, they turned away from him and inclined towards others’.